That’s Loremistress, If You Please

By | April 21, 2009

It took, roughly, forever…


…but Davien finally got her Loremaster achievement.

I’m not usually overly concerned with achievements.  It’s nice to get the glowy announcement, and a round of huzzahs from whatever guildmates are online (or the /congratulations from random passersby), but the majority of them are simply bonuses for me.  Loremaster, though — as soon as I saw it on the list, I knew Davien had to have the title.

For years now, the members of Noxilite have referred to her as “Loremistress.”  Originally, it was simply my rank in the guild: I organized some of the RP nights, (including the still-running weekly gathering/story night), and the title kind of stuck.  It’s been her Flag RSP title for a long time.  Davien is a collector of stories — human tales gathered when she was a girl, Kal’dorei legends, stories from the orcs that made their way through the Dark Portal — there is an ever-growing library in the little cottage she keeps in Moonglade.

The Northrend requirement was mostly painless.  Most zones were easy enough to solo your way through the required number of quests.  Icecrown was the sticking point, since I found myself thirteen quests shy of the achievement with a log full of group quests.  Getting people together was easy enough; the problem was the phasing.  With four quests to go, I thought we could knock out the Riders of Blood, Unholy and Frost, then go kick their master’s ass.  Except, there were only two of us who were far enough in the chain to see the mobs, and no way in hell was a squishy mage and a newly-80 paladin going to duo them.

The good thing was, I still had one quest chain left that didn’t leave anyone phased out. The day was saved.

After that, it was time to go back to the old content. I’d finished up the Eastern Kingdoms achievement before Wrath was released and had a head start on Kalimdor.

Kalimdor.  Ugh.  Guess who’d never spent much time in the Barrens.  At least Davien had Cavale, her epic deader pony, to carry her to Mankrik’s wife.  I probably went through the better part of 400 quests, breaking them up into manageable chunks so I didn’t burn myself out.

Then there was just Outland to finish up.  It went quickly enough — the only zone I had to do more than ten quests in was Shadowmoon Valley.  In the end, Ruul the Darkener was still too much for a squishy mage and her mirror images, so I enlisted some help.  After Ruul, we summoned ourselves a firelord, and woo-hoo, triple achievements!


Cairne Bloodhoof himself sent a letter to commemorate the occasion, and bundled up with it were the Loremaster’s colors.

Yeeeaaah, about those colors…

le. sigh.

le. sigh.

I get it; it’s cute — you’ve done a couple thousand quests and have seen a metric fuckton of exclamation points.  But, I dunno.  I guess I would have pictured something a bit more dignified for a loremaster.  It’s a good thing the only tabard Davien ever wears ICly is the Noxilite one, anyway.

Bitching aside, though, it was neat to spend some time in old haunts, and get a whole lot of story along the way — some things I’d forgotten about that I’d glossed over on alts were cool to revisit for this.  The Test of Lore quests out in Ashenvale gives you a bit of story about the dragonflights that ties in nicely with all the dargon-killing we seem to be doing in end-game content these days.

If you’re feeling crazy enough to go for the achievements yourself, a few tips that might be helpful:

Break it into chunks. Either set a goal for a number of quests to get done, or a certain amount of time to spend on questing before you move on to other things.  If you hit your goal, nothing says you have to stop and walk away — sometimes you get into a groove and want to knock out a few more. But backing away and evaluating how you feel is a good idea every now and then.

Have either a questing buddy or be in a channel (either IC or OOC, or both!) where you can chat. I did most of the questing solo, but I could always stop and chat while riding around smiting gnolls.  When it came time for the Icecrown group quests, I got to RP my way through them.  So much fun.

Music makes it go faster. I always had iTunes up.  Sometimes you’re still going to spend longer than you want to think about waiting for a quest drop or a mob to spawn, or maybe running around in Silithus just makes you and baby zombie Jesus cry.  Having good tunes can be the thing that keeps you slogging through the not-so-fun patches.

Flight paths are a good excuse to get up and stretch. During a couple of my questing marathons, the long flight between, say, Thunder Bluff and Gadgetzan was when I’d walk away from the keyboard for a while and get some laundry done.

Do some research. There are “hidden” quests all over the place.  Sometimes questgivers are off the beaten path. Sometimes mobs drop items that start new quests, and if you’re not looking for them, you might find yourself short of the goal.  This thread was a huge help to me as I got close to the end of Kalimdor.

Stop and read the quest text. Sometimes we fall into the habit of just looking for the exclamation points and skipping right to the “bring me ten feathers” part of it.  There are lots of stories contained within those questlines.  Some of them are bigger-picture ones, others are just there for flavor, but glossing over it means you might miss out on some cool bits of lore.

Have fun! There is plenty out there that can be tied into your RP.  Look for fodder for new storylines, or the continuation of old ones.  Ashenvale was hard for Davien to return to; she hadn’t been back there since her brother’s death nearly four years ago.  I wouldn’t quite say she put his ghost to rest, but she came to better terms with what occurred as she traveled through the forest.

So, one long journey done.  Now come the next RP achievements for her: Well Read and The Schools of Arcane Mastery.

Your turn!  What achievements or titles are you after for your characters because they fit with their stories?


Itanya Blade on April 21, 2009 at 12:15 pm.

Click Davien for quests!

Got it

Illi on April 21, 2009 at 7:39 pm.

I feel your, if not pain, but effort. I’m only a hundred or so shy of my Kalimdor Loremaster, which will complete the meta. I’m trying to plot out where I’m going to be able to find the last of them. I’ve a feeling there’s a lot of scattered ones or twos left in the wake of leveling I’m going to have search out again.

‘Though, the thing is, ‘s not for RP – I’m just a massive Achievement whore. There’s not too many achievements or titles which suit Illi, in an RP sense.

The only character who’s managed an achievement/title which suited their RP is my paladin, who scored “Ambassador” – but she’s not even really being played any more. Oh well.

Anea on April 21, 2009 at 8:47 pm.

Congratulations! When I heard about this achievement and title, I knew I wanted it too, but I have yet to start it. Once I saw how many quests were really needed (and how few I had done in total!) it was quite daunting and I haven’t made any concerted efforts on finishing.

These tips are great – I’ll be sure to implement them when I do start.

Destril on April 22, 2009 at 6:54 am.

I’m sort of in the opposite boat. I’m participating in the Argent Tournament with Destril to add to his mount and pet collection. He’s not particularly pleased to be forced into representing Silvermoon. When he winds up with the “of Silvermoon” title, I can safely guarantee he’ll never use it, and will take the opportunity to immediately switch to being a Valiant of a city that doesn’t make a regular habit of letting Magisters mind-screw its residents.

Itanya Blade on April 22, 2009 at 12:04 pm.

And Dorri, on the other hand, wears her of Silvermoon title with pride. Go figure

Mommacow on April 22, 2009 at 1:12 pm.

I’m lucky – “Guardian of Cenarius” fits Rashona like a glove, and she had both reps up to Exalted well before Wrath launched.

Khallan, on the other hand, will go after anything that has Champion or Defender or Any Variety of Badass in its title. Could take a while…

Beltar on April 23, 2009 at 10:46 am.

I’m working on the Loremaster and Seeker titles on Linedan when not otherwise occupied, and I think it’ll be about 2015 before I get ‘em. 135ish to go in Kalimdor and fully 260 or so in EK, plus 20 in Icecrown, where I am currently stalled in front of a solid wall of five-man group quests, I think seven or eight. I have no clue how I’m going to find 135 quests in Kalimdor, I’ve already picked the low-hanging fruit and now I’m going to really have to start digging.

If nothing else, this is showing me the incredible number of quests I missed while leveling Lin simply because at the time in his 20s or 30s or 40s or 50s, I couldn’t get much help. I didn’t start doing instances regularly until I joined Noxilite, even when in SWB I didn’t do that many. His gear was usually so awful, and warriors so much gimpier in those Triassic days, that I generally couldn’t do any quest that was orange to me, and I ended up leaving a lot behind. I landed in Grom’gol a couple days ago with low-level quest tracking on and my map asploded with exclamation marks.