A Gaggle of Nerds?

By | July 14, 2009

Or are we a flock?  Maybe a tribe?  I kinda prefer gaggle myself.  It’s just a fun word to say.

So, this weekend Feathermoon’s finest (well, not all of them, but a good chunk of them) got together at a dorktastic gathering called Feathermeet.  This event has gone on for four years now, is organized by the Wildfire Rider’s guild leader Tarquin, and usually entails a picnic and a lot of drinking and twelve egg omelettes from Beth’s.  This was my first time attending, and let me tell you, if I miss another I will – mourn – it.  It was an amazing experience.   Picture groups of people comparing RP storylines and mapping out some epic events to come in game.  I’m sure you’ll see some of those plottings here at a later time.

I’m going to post a quick story, though, that I may eventually fiction out as an in character exchange, but for the time being, our readers should enjoy the absolute asskickery that is our author Bricu.    The Feathermoon folks gathered at a park mid-Seattle.  There were burgers, watermelon slices, salads, soda, and all around awesome food.  Mid-meal, a gentleman that later identified himself as Grizzly walked up with a boombox propped on his shoulder.  It was INCREDIBLY LOUD.  One of our attendees had small children about, and respectfully requested that Grizzly lower the volume to not disupt the kids.  This was about the time Grizzly’s intoxicated status became evident.  We’re pretty sure he wasn’t on booze, but whatever it was, he was pretty fucked up.  He began to rant how the park was his domain, we should RESPECT HIM, and then he started standing on picnic tables, his boombox on his shoulder, blazing awesome-tastic radio edited hiphop.  Bricu tried to talk him down, but to no avail; Grizzly would have none of it. 

After about ten or fifteen minutes of rudeness and disruption with most of our attendees incredibly uncomfortable by this stranger’s presence (he was not very subtle when he scoped out the lady’s purses), we called the Seattle police.  Grizzly did not like police.  Grizzly was shit out of luck because we’d had enough.  As his sour mood and antics escalated, so did our calls to the authorities.  He knocked over a trash barrel, started punching lit grills, and then got into people’s faces trying to intimidate them.  To his credit, he was successful on the intimidation account.  I was one of the folks that he decided to talk shit to, and it wasn’t fun.  None of us had any idea who this guy was or what he was capable of.  All we knew was he was ON something and hostile. 

Thirty minutes passed, then forty, and still no PD.  Our calls to 911 revealed that public disruption wasn’t an emergency situation and they’d get there when they could.  Well, then Grizzly hit someone.  He walked up to the chillest person there, slapped him across the face for absolutely NO REASON and talked a bunch of smack.  He then swung on Tarquin, the event’s organizer.  Bricu stuck himself between the men, yelled at him to stop.  Grizzly took a couple of swings at him, Bricu Matrixed out with a pair of dodges, and then single shot him onto the pavement with a crack to the jaw.  The nerd pigpile happened at that point – Bricu sat on his back, another gentleman restrained his arms while yet another sat on his legs.  Another 911 call yielded the desired results, and the PD showed up about four or five minutes later. 

I think perhaps my favorite part of this whole debaucle was Zalbuu, the Wildfire Rider’s angry priest.  He was the guy sitting on Grizzly’s legs as we waited for the police.  While he had this dude pinned, his cell phone rang.  He picked it up, and all the rest of us can hear?

“Mom, this really isn’t a good time.”

It was epic.

Outside of this singular REALLY MESSED UP INCIDENT, I think everyone had a great time.  The lesson we all learned, though? 

Nerds are, in large numbers, a peaceful bunch, but once you rile them, they’re scary.  Like, really really scary.  We Will Kick Your Ass.


At any rate, I’m sure we’ll keep you updated on all the RP we’ve plotted out, and hopefully, we’ll get snippets of logs or some of the ensuing fiction up for your enjoyment.  Ta!


Wynthea on July 14, 2009 at 6:00 pm.

News of your epic victory has reached the Horde of Firetree. We salute you!

(heehee, nerd pigpile!!)

Itanya Blade on July 14, 2009 at 6:29 pm.

It was the highlight of the weekend