A Thought on Other Server’s RP

By | October 8, 2009

A gathering

A gathering

The only time I get agitated about RP on Feathermoon is when I read the ubiquitous “OMFG RP IS DEAD!” posts. These forum threads are exactly why I avoid the forums. I’m lucky enough to be in an always expanding (if slowly expanding) RP circle, that does small, medium and large events, as well as impromptu and planned happenings. I would not change that for the world.

That being said, sometimes I wonder what RP is like on other realms. Greyseer, from Lorecrafted, posts a number of these events on the blog and his twitter feed. For instance, the Nightbane are being questioned/pursued by Wardens? Hell yes! A number of other members of Netherbane (Shizukera and Arcania are the two that come to mind) post about these same RP interactions.  This leads me to wonder:  What would happen if the Netherbane (or insert random guild) encountered the Wildfire Riders?

It’s akin to the classic Marvel/DC Comics interactions.  Bricu will probably never encounter Tharion.  But it is fun to think about.  Towards that end, I’m opening up the thread to discuss RPing with characters from other servers.  Here are the rules for the discussion:

  1. Respect the other character. You can’t RP with the character, “Just to put them in their place.”
  2. Stay true the character. Change over time is a natural process.  Quickly shifting ideals and attitudes is a mark of mental illness. If the character wasn’t crazy to begin with, don’t make them crazy in your interaction
  3. Do not dismiss your work. While the player may not agree with your interpretation of the character, in this specific instance, I’m not sure that’s a faux-pas.  It’s an attempt to make a connection, based on Ficced RP, that is impossible to have.  Mistakes will be made.

So pick a partner and write up the dance.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the corner, writing.

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Zhire on October 12, 2009 at 1:11 pm.

Ah, how I wish I could RP with people on my server. =/
Thank you for the good post here; interesting points.