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By | October 15, 2009


There is no doubt the the lore of WoW is rich, diverse and, at times, convoluted. Lore is documented in comics, RPG products, quests and web. And as rich as the Lore is, there is still room to develop one’s own lore–previously defined as Loretastic!. Sometimes, Loretastic! needs a push from an outside source…

Regular readers are probably aware that on Feathermoon, the Wildfire Riders have differentated the various human kingdoms into “North” and “South.” North typically means Lordaeron, while “the South” is anything “South o’Stromgarde.”* There are cultural differences between the various human kingdoms/principalities/duchies/baronies/townships, however they have one unifying theme: The Light. Individuals with a more thorough understanding of the Lore may have more information about the spiritual and religious practices existed before the Light, but for all intents and purposes, this line WoWWiki gives RPers a lot of wiggle room:

These early humans may have had access to divine spells through worship of the Old Gods or early cults that would become the Church of the Holy Light.

While additional Lore may narrow the wiggle room, what we know is there were a variety of religious and spiritual practices, some which were formed around Old Gods and others that became the Church of the Light. In between these two spiritual extremes is a spiritual grey area, a place where RP and Backstory can thrive.

Bricu’s backstory include a very liberal interpretation of Church’s teachings. With his history of shady deals, “missionary work” during the events of The Frozen Throne, his penchant for hanging around Old Town and inspiration drawn from Hellblazer, a more fitting word to describe Bricu’s connection to the Church would be “complicated.” Sorting this mess of beliefs has been, and continues to be, one of the joys of RPing Bricu.

Bricu has had a connection to Foxes–those clever, tricky predators–since he designed his new family crest, shortly after marrying Threnn. During a storyline where the Riders were encouraged by Aleros to find their spiritual totem animal, in order to deal with a Yva-level villain, it was a vixen that answered his offering. And at Wrathgate, when Bricu was scared stiff by Arthas as he exited Angrathar, it was seeing a Fox that helped him break free of his fear enough to run to Threnn.

When I wrote that scene–which will be posted in the future–I thought it would be a clever tie-in to Bricu’s fox connection. Right now, I have no idea what it means. Is this the example of some bleed-through to a Northern Pre-Light Tradition? Is it just a coincidence? Is this fox a manifestation of his own spirituality or something far more sinister? (/engage mustache twirl here) Bricu and Threnn spent a good chunk of RP time sussing out what it means. What they research is, of course, entirely up to the players. So what should they research? Where should they go? Who should they talk to? What does Bricu’s fox visitation mean?

So lend me your ideas. Start out by talking about your character’s spiritual beliefs–Anna’s Friday Five is a good place to start–and do not be shy about asking pointed questions about how our RP circle came to our conclusions! Give me, and Bricu, a push in an interesting direction!

*This is Bricu’s definition. Reality may differ.

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Anna on October 15, 2009 at 10:42 am.

Aely’s relationship with the Light has always been somewhat complicated, as she thinks that (in general) the Church of Stormwind has taken things a bit too far… and yet she’s still very much an Uther fangirl (being of the Silver Hand from those days).

Of course, after last night, I have some working out to do with all of that, so it’s hard to really pin down right now.

As for the connection with Foxes – I think that could easily be something that Bricu and/or The Bittertongues use as a symbol without having to worry too much about whether it is or isn’t “OK” with their belief in the Light. Its pretty obvious that there are other faith systems in place on Azeroth that work – see: Druids, Night Elves, Shamans – and Bricu may just be seeing bits of that belief system come to work for him. And, well, he seems like the type to not worry too much about something so long as its working!