Friday Fiction Writing Assignment: Shakedown

By | February 12, 2010

Righto folks, here’s the deal:

Your assignment, should you chose to accept it, is to write up how your character was approached by an indidivual of questionable standing (the Riders are using Bricu) and asked to impose themselves in the way of a shakedown (searching a building, taking someone into custody, obessively looking into your guilds records) or a Drop. This drop could include passing of a magical item.

For the Riders, the reason for this skullduggery is simple: Matthias Shaw has decided to get rid of the Tarquin ap Danwyrth and the Wildfire Riders. After months of taking it on the chin, the Riders have a way to get even.

You, dear reader, do not have to bother with the Riders or SI:7. You can use whomever you want. Just provide the context of the Shakedown in your fic!

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