Counting and Planning

By | August 11, 2010

With the end of major content patches to Wrath, everyone has their eyes on Cataclysm. Burnout, boredom and tedium have set in, which is going to make RP a bit more difficult. Personally, I believe that the space between patches can be a brilliant time for RP. In this instance, we have a confounding factor: How is the world going to change?

If one is planning a major RP event to take place on, or near, the patch date for pre-Cata content, server instability will be a small factor. Entire swaths of the world are in turmoil–and the Beta shows us the Aftermath. It does not show us the how. If your comfortable with organizing an event that could be thrown into complete disarray, by all means, plan away.

The way to deal with the Lull–the tedium, the boredom–is to start small. Go back to pub nights. Plan a small dinner party. In short: Herd the cats and Let people “ease back into the RP.” Don’t be afraid to connect the events. For instance, one night you plan that the even takes place in your favorite RP area. During that event, set the date for another event. Make this one a little bit larger. No world shaking dramatic plots–at least, not for the first few events. See what the RP turns into. Then, after the event, follow up with your fellow RPers and see what they want to do. If you gather the Rpers, the RP will happen.

Tomorrow, we can focus on dealing with more Pre-Cata RP. If you, dear reader, have any ideas, comments, questions or vague misgivings, leave a comment!

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