Workshop Wednesday: Taking Stock

By | November 3, 2010

If your character’s RP is stalled, broken or boring, one method to rebuild said RP is to take stock of the characters friends, allies and enemies. Make a list of PCs and NPCs that your character is friendly with. Try to summarize these relationships in one line. Do the same for allies–people who may be friendly due to favors owed–and enemies. On the enemies side, make sure to include NPCs that the character may not be aware of.

When I recently asked someone else to do this exercise, said person realized exactly how many people from their circle had left the game or the server. If there is no one left to RP with, of course one’s RP is going to feel stifled.

Taking stock is useful only insofar as to determine where the character is currently at. This process can suggest new lines of RP of course–taking a friendly PC or NPC and making them an enemy–but that is not necessary. What this process DOES do is help a player figure out where they are at with their RP.

What other techniques do people use to take stock of their RP? Have you tried this method? What did you think of it?

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