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Wildfire Riders don’t recruit. While we do try and advertise for RP events and we try to pull people into RP, we do not go out of our way to look for RPers. I, personally, am of two minds. I personally think that RP guilds should advertise and work with all sorts to make events happen; however, I think RP guilds shouldn’t recruit in a traditional sense.

Like a raid, there are roles and tasks in every story. People need to herd cats to the event, work toward a satisfying goal and then move on to the next goal. RP shouldn’t be handled like a raid. For instance, the tone, theme and methods of storytelling in WOW vary greatly from group to group. One circle’s RP style may not work for another group. Stories and RP are more personal than raid content. A person may be shot down by raid because they’re can’t follow directions or hit good number. Working with someone’s story requires more panache and care than typical raiding applications.

This is not to say that I think RPers should stay to themselves. Personally, I believe RPers need to make a public appearance on their server and support each other. I just draw the line at actively recruiting RPers.

What do you think? Should RP guilds actively recruit? What would that process look like? Fill us in!


Rhoelyn on November 11, 2011 at 12:40 pm.

It depends a bit on the organization that the guild represents, I think. For example, the Stormwind Guard type of guild might appropriately do active recruiting because the Guard really would actively recruit if they need more guys to stand on Stormwind’s street corners. Similarly, a Sentinels guild shouldn’t be afraid to actively recruit.

Of course, it comes with risks, when the wrong type of character or personality tries to join, but that’s where a careful process of RP-oriented screening can (no guarantees) help head off initiating members who just don’t fit.

Guilds such as the Netherbane, demon hunters who must stay quiet because they are essentially shunned by all of Azeroth’s heroic societies, definitely can’t and shouldn’t actively recruit, at least IC. But at the end of a day, a guild must have members, RP or raiding. I agree that the best way for quieter organizations like them and the WFR to gain members is to just be a presence on their server. To be involved and involve others in their stories.

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