The Bittertongue Doctrine

By | September 6, 2012

This is Bricu and the fox kit from Tol Barad.

There comes a time in every conflict where hostilities must end. We have been in a state of conflict with the races of the Horde since the fall of Stormwind over a generation ago. Even after the victories in the Second and Third wars, we have yet to know peace. Today, even though the greatest threat to life on Azeroth has been beaten back, and our lands are in dire need of healing, we are, once again, standing before yet another war.

Those of us who sue for peace do not believe in unilateral cease fires. We do not believe that we should cede one inch of Gilneas to the Bitch Queen Syvlannus. We do not believe that Ashenvale should be allowed to burn, or that Kaldorei homes become orcish and troll bases….

..but we also do not believe that Tauren children should be slaughtered for a road. We do not believe that the only way to secure our children’s future is the decimation of another people. We believe that we have more in common with our foes than we wish to acknowledge.

Today, we are faced with a choice: Do we work to end our differences and restore what has been damaged, or do wage yet another war. A war that will not benefit anyone but spirit healers and Valk’yr.

I, like countless others, have lost family, homeland and friends to these wars. We have wept for Southshore. We have fought for Gilneas, Ashenvale and the Basin. And when called again, we will go to war. We will march to defend our family, our new homes and our friends. But our war must be just. And now, given all the damage done by Deathwing and his cultists, we need to heal.

At this moment we have a chance to end hostilities. And if we can end hostilities without a loss of life, limb or land, what is the harm? What we, Human, Orc, Night Elf or Blood Elf, Dwarf and Troll, Goblin and Gilnean, Tauren and Draenei, need is time to heal.

Healing only come through peace. And peace is worth discussing.

I will be in Dalaran, on September the 7, in the Circle of Wills, at half-past six. If you are willing to fight for peace, meet me there.

Bricu Bittertongue, of the Wildfire Riders

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