Anatomy of an RP Event

By | September 11, 2012

A screen shot of the summit

Let’s start with how it ended: Broken bodies, a kidnapped blood elf and a hostage worgen, grudges and rivalries (re)established that would last an expansion, the organizer of the event horribly burned with a shadowbolt, and players of all factions saying “Hell yes!” This was the event held on Feathermoon (US) in 9/7/12. It was two months worth of planning that will lead to at least six months of future stories.

It started with the idea of getting the RPers of Feathermoon together. Everyone has mentioned that RP is dying/dead/not for them, but not much was getting done. So a handful of us reached out to the other, and we started a series of IRC brainstorming sessions on how to connect RPers and improve RP. I had previously consulted with my circle about trying this out as an event–and they agreed as long as I didn’t try to organize everything.

Here is what we did:

  1. We agreed to work on recruiting people to organize a peace summit between the various guilds of Feathermoon. To that end, we used a variety of tools, including guild forums. We should have been more active on the realm forum (many Rpers left the Realm Forum a long time ago for a variety of reasons).
  2. We made the summit a priority during IRC planning sessions. We took notes, took input and started blending ideas together. People went to their guilds, their forums and their RP social networking sites.
  3. We opened allowed people to script as many events as they wanted, while keeping it open to impromptu RP. We encouraged people to reach out to someone else to interact with, and we made sure people understood it was their responsibility to get their RP together.

Initially, things were not going to be destined to fail. Then a resident villain of Feathermoon collaborated with two old timers and they all agreed to have a good old fashioned kidnapping. That set us on the road to a failed summit. If we were not open to interpretations of the summit, then this brilliant idea would not have been implemented. But because the organizers agreed to make it open AND the kidnappers were so damn organized, the move was brilliant.

This translates into other peoples RP in a few ways:

  • Establish what you are willing, and not willing, to do.
  • Get help and define roles.
  • Advertise and stay open to new ideas.
  • Keep talking, even when you think you’ve already said it three times before.
  • These points are essential when working cross faction. The organizers have to decide how much PVP they are willing to tolerate from the get go–as well as handle communication, advertising and guild out reach. Open lines of communication are essential throughout the event. IF we stop communicating, then we don’t really RP.

    Now, there are some who had critiques about the event: Some said it was too scripted. Others did not think it was advertised enough on the forums. Others did not know what or how to get involved.

    We scripted some events to push story along. We didn’t know how many people would show up–in the end, we had way than 60. Also, given that some of these interactions between these RPers were new, there was reluctance to just let go and RP. In regards to the forums, we’re guilty as charged. While we did post, we should have done more.

    And we’ve already started doing more.

    As for on how to get involved, there’s a simple answer to this: RP it out and ask in OOC. We posted notes on our forums, networking sites as well as the realm forum on the mechanics of the event. I know it can be scary to RP with new people, but if one doesn’t speak up, then we can’t interact.

    When our chat logs are cleaned up, we’ll be posting them. And when events that stem directly from this summit occur, we’ll dissect those too. And if people have questions or comments, I’ll answer them.

    In short: RP isn’t dead on Feathermoon, but Peace certainly is.

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    Jez on October 2, 2012 at 12:26 pm.

    Yay! Glad it went well! I shall look forward to reading about it :D sooo glad I moved my characters back to FM.